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About La Rose Couture

Shari van der Waals-Atalla

My mom used to take me to exhibitions about historical fashion and Haute Couture, when I was still a kid, and I immediatly fell in love. The clothing took me back to times filled with romance and elegance, but also respect for the amount of skill neccasary to create these works of art. The next step, many years later, was to start recreating historical fashion, doing research about the proper techniques and trying my hand at these works myself. In 2008 I changed my biggest passion in my own company and I have had many wonderfull customers whom I transported back in time with my designs. Wearing a La Rose Couture design is more then just putting on an outfit, you will feel and move differently. Taking you to a world filled with carriage rides, soirees and masked balls. Which period is your favourite, the Baroque, Rococo, Regency, Victorian or Edwardian?


Step back in time in an exclusive La Rose Couture creation!

historische kleding, maatkleding, bruidskleding, 

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